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Mató-T&oacutepe (Four Bears), Mandan Chief


                    Karl Bodmer's painting of the Mandan leader, Four Bears (1834).

             Click on the image for an enlarged picture.


                    Lone Dog's Winter Count



                    A color photograph of Lone Dog's Buffalo Robe depicting his



                    The Columbian Exchange


                    See especially the material on disease and horses.


             Plains Indian History 

                    Links to aspects of Plains Indian life in the mid to late 1800s.


                    Native Web: Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World


                    An alphabetical listing of 81 links abut Native Americans.


                    Native American Sites 

                    An eclectic assortment of links, mostly with a contemporary



                    Native Americans Tribes and Nations


                    Links to biographies, art and photographs, movies, and history.