Grading Contract for English 204, Environmental Literature
Grant T. Smith, Ph. D.
Fall, 2000

For an "A" For a "B" For a "C" For a "D"

Fulfillment of English 204 Course Requirements

Directions:  Please fill out the following course requirment form and submit it to Dr. Grant T. Smith before or during the Final Exam Week.


Number of unexcused absences you accrued during the semester:

Titles and dates of the writing assignments you completed for the course (this is not the response papers to each major reading assignment):

Titles and dates of the responses to the suggested readings for the course:  (not required for 2002 first semester)

Title and date of your book review:

Date and place of service project:

Title of term project:

What grade do you feel you have earned for English 204 this semester?