Facebook Dot Com Requirements:


This semester I am asking each student to create a “Facebook” page for English 394.  If you already have a personal “Facebook” page, add Dr. Smith and join the English 394 group page which is on Dr. Smith’s Facepage.   I encourage you to be as creative as you would like to be in the design of your page, but I am asking that you include on the page the following:


  • Your name
  • Major and status at Viterbo University
  • Student e-mail address
  • Photo (optional)
  • Informal responses to assigned readings via group discussion board
  • Tips for others: Literary or educational sources others may be interested in reviewing.  If you find some interesting web sites that enhance our readings and discussions, please share them.
  • Creative work in response to the assigned readings:  Poetry, essays, short stories, art, photos.
  • Share blogs in response to readings, discussions, and lectures.
  • Chat with Dr. Smith and one another via the Wall.



This web page is a “professional” page, not a personal page.  Be careful about including anything on the page that you do not want to have read by anyone outside of the class.  Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated in any way.   I do not think that you should include the following:


  • Personal attacks on anyone
  • Slang in responses to the literature and discussions
  • The Wall comments are more for “fun” – the Discussion Board entries are more formal


As examples, I am including my “Facebook” page as well as sample pages from my colleagues that are not on Facebook.


Grant T. Smith Facebook http://viterbo.facebook.com/s.php?q=grant+t.+smith&n=16779076 


To join the English 394—2007 Facebook Page http://viterbo.facebook.com/s.php?q=English+394&n=16779076&k=40000010




Rubric for Self-evaluating the Facebook


v     Did I submit my responses to the literature and discussions?

v     Were my responses to the literature and discussions complete: thoughtful, critical, clean?

v     Did I include internet research on my Facebook page that could be helpful to others in the class?

v     Did I respond to Dr. Smith’s questions as well as my colleagues’ questions?

v     Did I attach to the Facebook page creative work?