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This unit plan for David Klass’s Firestorm: The Caretaker Trilogy, Book One is designed for Language Arts students in grades eight through twelve.  The unit plan may be reproduced and/or adapted for a teacher’s individual situation.




After centuries of abuse, the earth is dying, and it is up to Jack Danielson to reverse the decline before the Turning Point, when nothing will ever be the same again.  Jack’s odyssey begins when he breaks his school’s football rushing record and ends when he escapes a volcanic eruption on Dargon’s Island.  Between these events Jack communicates with a telepathic dog, competes with a ninja babe, and unravels many mysteries about himself and his destiny.


Author:  David Klass

Review several web sites on David Klass.  Include in your presentation at least one of the web sites.  Be prepared to share with the class important details of Mr. Klass.  Share with the class any direct communication you made with Mr. Klass.


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