Is Intelligence Evil?


What is evil?


·        Intent to cause emotional trauma

·        To terrorize or target the helpless

·        To prolong suffering and derive satisfaction from it

·        Absence of a capacity for empathy



Does Satan Exist?  What is the source of evil?


·        Socrates

·        Puritans

·        Age of Enlightenment—Notion of unity of faith, virtue and knowledge began to come apart

·        Roman Catholics – St. Augustine

·        Freud/Marx/Fascism/Communism

·        College graduates



Shit Happens!  (Bad things happen to good people.)


·        Psychological explanations

·        Sociological explanations

·        Genetic explanations

·        Mob evil

·        Primordial evil

·        Is evil increasing?  If so, why?


Ethical Dilemmas!  What is your position on the following?


·       To whom does a child of surrogate birth really belong?

·       Should a malformed fetus or infant live or die?

·       Is birth control an example of man intervening in God’s will?

·       When is abortion justified?

·        Does a science research agree to do military projects?