English 394 – Young Adult Literature

Grant T. Smith, Ph. D.

Final Exam Questions


Choose any of the following for your final journal entry:


·        Defend young adult literature as a legitimate genre for study in college campuses.

·        Choose one of the texts that we studied this semester and discuss how that text impressed you at any or all of these levels:


ü     Intellectual

ü     Spiritual

ü     Social

ü     Educational

ü     Emotional

ü     Civic

ü     Political

ü     Personal


·        We have discussed gender issues this semester with several novels.  What previous assumptions about gender have you begun to question because of our discussions?  What assumptions about gender have you concluded are “true” because of our discussions?

·        Choose any of the novels we read in class and explain why it should not be used again in an English 104 class!  Be able to defend your choice as you consider the story’s theme(s), characters, tone, diction, and literary conventions.

·        Discuss what worked for you and what did not work for you during this semester.  In other words, write a detailed evaluation of the class elaborating on the strengths and weaknesses of the pedagogy, texts, assignments, syllabus, student outcomes, etc.

·        Write a narrative on how your life has changed because of this class or because of a work(s) we read in the class.