English 321 – Young Adult Masterpieces

Grant T. Smith, Ph. D.

Discussion Questions:  The Canning Season


·       Why did this book win a major award in young adult fiction?


·       How is this book like a fairy tale?  What fairy tale conventions are in the book?  Why is this significant?


·       How is the representation of “mother” different in this book from the representation of mother in Invincible Louisa and Caddie Woodlawn?  What do you make of the difference?


·       How do you respond to the violence in the book?  The grotesque humor?


·       When you think of “canning,” what images come to your mind?


·       What symbols do you find in the book, and how do they function?

Ø    Pensacola Hunt Club

Ø    Worms

Ø    That Thing

Ø    Canning


·       What is this story about?