Education 332: Methods of Teaching English

January 2003
M W  11 - 11:50   MC 415
Office: MC 536
Phone: 796-3485
Grant T. Smith, Ph.D.

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In this class we will concentrate on strategies for teaching genres of literature, poetry, short story, novel, drama, essay, myth, as well as strategies for teaching composition and grammar.  Participants will be asked to apply various literary theories (feminist, reader-response, deconstructionism, new historicism) in the teaching of the literary texts we will examine in class.  Students who are familiar with these "isms" will perhaps be at an advantage to those who are not familiar with them, but we can learn from one another.  However, foremost in our thoughts and strategies will be two questions: (1) "How can I teach peace in my classroom?" I encourage all of the participants to pattern their reading and their lessons plans around this question.  In other words, what strategies can I use in the classroom with the help students be more tolerant, less abusive, more caring and thoughtful--more peaceful. (2) "How will I evaluate my students and myself." I urge all of us to reconsider our understanding of assignments and assessments.  Although the format of the class is lecture and discussion, students will be provided many opportunities to teach the texts in a simulated classroom setting.  There will be no exams or term papers in this class.  Students will be evaluated on their attendance and classroom participation, their practicum, and their portfolios (lesson plans and research materials.   Students who have two or fewer absences will receive 100 points.  The student who does a superior practicum will receive 200 points.  A student who completes a superior portfolio will receive 200 points.

Weeks One and Two - January 13, 20 Weeks Three and Four - January 27, February 3 Weeks Five and Six - February 10, 17 Week Seven - February 24 Weeks Eight, Nine and Ten - March 3, 17 (Spring Break March 10) Weeks Eleven and Twelve - March 24 - March 31 Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen - April 7, 14 Weeks Fifteen and Sixteen - April 23 -28 (Easter Break April 21) Week Seventeen - May 5 (Final Exam Week)


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