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Chronic Disease Community Needs Assessment

Partnership Grant staff and Viterbo Senior student nurses conducted a chronic disease needs assessment from August through November of 2009. The purpose of the needs assessment was to obtain information about chronic disease and access to healthcare from the target population of uninsured and underinsured citizens. The data was used to determine the priority health promotion needs of this population. New health screening, immunization, and education services will be implemented to meet these needs.   A full report of the data collected can be accessed on the webpage using the report links.


The information (data) was collected by administering 90 questionnaires to participants during 12 sessions held at 11 locations in Trempealeau County. Questionnaires were administered at locations where citizens receive other services such as: a) Arcadia Food Pantry, b) Dollar General, c) Cents & Sensibility, d) The Pig Stop, and e) San Juan Hispanic Food Store. 

Focus Groups

One focus group was held to collect data from a total of 4 citizens. The location of focus group was the Dollar General Store in Whitehall, WI. Participants provided information about gaps in their healthcare related to management of chronic disease and limited or no access to healthcare.

Trempealeau County Chronic Disease Community Coalition

Trempealeau County partners at the Health Department assisted the grant Project Director to identify individuals to serve on the community coalition. The purpose of the coalition is to serve as an advisory group for the grant project.  Twenty-five citizens agreed to join the coalition. Members are from a variety of professions that provide services in Trempealeau County. A list of the coalition members can be accessed on the webpage under the coalition link.

The coalition met to review data, identify priority needs of the population based on the data, and recommend interventions to meet the priority needs. The agenda and minutes of the meetings can be accessed on the webpage using the meeting agenda/minutes links. The report of priority needs identified for the target population and recommended interventions identified through the work of the coalition can be accessed on the webpage under reports.

 Coalition Meeting Agendas / Minutes


Chronic Disease Needs Assessment Reports


Chronic Disease Health Needs


Chronic Disease Interventions (New Services)

Trempealeau Community Coalition Members