Viterbo is Nursing

Dr. Mark Connelly, Member, Viterbo Board of Trustees and Chairman, the Board of the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation

There are a lot of superlatives being used to describe what today’s announcement means: the new facility is all of that: exciting, magnificent, cutting edge, and critically important for many reasons.

I say that as a trustee of Viterbo University...
I say that as a medical practitioner...
I say that as a  La Crosse citizen...

Viterbo and what it means to the health care community cannot be understated: You can always tell a Viterbo nurse. They stand out with their skill level, work ethic, and compassion which they demonstrate on the job.

As you have heard, many stay to live and work in our region. At the Gundersen Lutheran complex, hundreds upon hundreds of our nurses are Viterbo educated. At Franciscan Skemp Healthcare and as is the case with other employers, you’ll hear the same…the impact of the Viterbo nurse is enormous.

While it is well documented that Viterbo is providing our region with large numbers of highly qualified nurses, there’s more, in the area of nursing leadership. Many have gone on to become directors, top level administrators, nursing educators, and key decision makers.

I am also very excited about the opportunities for collaboration that will occur within the building…particularly the opportunities for continuing education for nurses and other medical professionals. The technology and state-of-the-art innovative nature of what is planned for this facility will boost Viterbo’s reputation as a quality health provider while at the same time, providing a real service to Gundersen, FSH, area nursing, and care facility—the whole region.

This is truly the beginning of a new era. This new facility will make Viterbo’s excellent nursing program even better. The changing nature of nursing will be constantly addressed in this adaptable facility and the leadership that Viterbo provides in the area of nursing will flourish even more.

Sr. Mary Ann started off her comments saying that the new nursing facility is “big, bold, and brave.” What a great description. It's what we more than ever. The caring and compassionate trademark that describes the Viterbo nurse has never shined brighter as we are here to celebrate the anticipated opening of the magnificent new facility, home to the Viterbo University School of Nursing.