World Languages

About Spanish

The United States has become a country with the fourth-most Spanish speaking people in the world. For this reason, Spanish is no longer considered a foreign language in the United States, and many service providers, corporations, and government institutions require or prefer professionals that are culturally competent and have practical knowledge of the language. Our program features:

  • study-abroad graduation requirement, which allows students to experience other cultures and lifestyles.
  • culture courses demonstrating the heterogeneity of the Hispanic/Latino populations.
  • faculty representing different countries, accents, and perspectives.

The study of Spanish will allow you to:

  • Think from the perspective of others.
  • Demonstrate breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • Open new doors to your career choice and improve your earnings.
  • Learn another language and understand yours better.
  • Learn about other countries and appreciate yours.
  • Discover how different countries handle the same issues.
  • Be better prepared for the reality of a diverse work force.
  • Be sensitive to differences. 

Why major or minor in Spanish?

  • Viterbo offers a B.A. in Spanish, a B.A. in Spanish Education, and a 3+1 degree track.
  • The B.A. in Spanish can be completed in three years!
  • Students can minor in Spanish, Spanish education, interpreting studies, or Latin American Studies.
  • The Spanish Club sponsors numerous events and activities for students!
  • There are internship opportunities in the larger Hispanic community.
  • Classes are small, and students get to know each other and the faculty well.
  • Students can study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Graduates are currently working or enrolled in graduate school.
  • Prospective students may compete in an annual Humanities Scholarship Competition, with a total of $9,750 in awards to students pursuing an undergraduate major in the humanities. 

For more information, contact:

Maribel Bird
Department Chair, Associate Professor