Alfieri, Michael

Associate Professor, Biology/Assistant Dean, College of Education, Engineering, and Letters and Sciences
RCE 217


Bachelor's degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology from State University of New York at Binghamton

Doctoral degree: Ph.D.Environmental Biology from University of Louisville, Kentucky

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Department of Biology at Mount Allison Univeristy, Canada

Courses Taught at Viterbo

Animal Behavior, Conservation Biology, Limnology, Ecology and Evolution, Tropical Ecology, Evolutionary Medicine, First Year Science Success for Natural Science Students

Research Interests

My general research interests are in behavioral and evolutionary ecology. In my research lab we work to integrate the functional explanations of behavior with an understanding of the underlying psychological mechanisms and/or ecological consequences. Our focus has recently been on survival, social interactions, and learning in animals in the laboratory and field settings.

Research Details

My research interest and training may be broadly defined within the fields of behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology. It is my experience that research in these fields often lends itself to both the inclusion of undergraduate research projects and the potential for interdisciplinary collaborations. My research program examining the fitness consequences of learning, social behavior, and predator-prey interactions in animals has allowed me the opportunity to work with many undergraduate students while bridging the gap between behavior, ecology, conservation, and psychology.