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Do You Require Research? Consider Library Instruction to Get Started

By Abby Landers, Library

The library not only provides the Viterbo community with access to high-quality resources, but it also offers instruction sessions to guide students during their academic careers. Whether your class consists of freshman, transfer, senior, or graduate students, librarians can provide insight into the research process. Students will gain first-hand knowledge of available resources, become familiar with library services and tools, and learn the importance of critical evaluation in an ever-changing information landscape.

Instruction can be introductory and informative or tailored to a specific assignment, resource, or tool. Sessions are adaptable, not exclusively held in the library, and flexible enough to accommodate time restraints. Like most, librarians enjoy a good fieldtrip and can easily visit your classroom. Students or faculty finding themselves frustrated by research roadblocks are encouraged to seek personalized assistance by scheduling one-on-one appointments.  

Utilize all the library has to offer by incorporating library instruction. To learn more or schedule a session, contact Abby Landers by email or at ext. 3278.