Campus News

Viterbo Website Improvements Underway

Improvements designed to improve the functionality and structure of the Viterbo University website are underway.

This initiative is the result of extensive research, including design, data information, analytics, and testing. It will result in a website that is faster, more mobile friendly, more general user friendly, more efficient, and with improved search engine optimization.

One of the planned improvements is content consolidation and reduction. The Viterbo website currently has over 40,000 pages, many of which are never viewed. In fact, Viterbo has more pages than the University of Minnesota. Research by a consulting firm revealed “Each department or office owns its own page and information, and it is common to find duplicate, contradictory, missing, or incomplete information.”

The improvements will correspond with an upgrade to the Drupal 8 website operating system.

Members of the steering committee leading this project are Sarah Bearbower, Christine Hardie, Deb Kappmeyer, Michelle Kronfeld, Chris Mayne, Audra Noe, Nicole Van Ert, Rick Walters, Eric Weinberg.