Campus News

Join the Case-a-Month Club for the Viterbo Food Pantry

By Emilio Alvarez, campus ministry

Campus ministry wishes to thank everyone who has supported and contributed to the success of the Viterbo Student Food Pantry. Students have expressed in anonymous ways their deep gratitude for the food pantry and how it truly impacts their lives in times of need. For those who may not be aware, Viterbo has two no-questions-asked student food pantries, one located on the third floor of Murphy Center and one on the second floor of the Fine Arts Center.

Demand continues to be high and we are seeing food leave our shelves in a more rapid manner. Some of this can be attributed to a rise in awareness of the food pantry. Many Viterbo employees have highlighted the student food pantry as an additional resource to students who are facing a time of need. With increased student awareness, comes increased usage. I am grateful that we continue to live our Franciscan Core Values in such a way that it allows our students to have access to this resource.

Campus ministry is trying a new initiative to meet the demands of students. With the help of the Hunger Task Force, Viterbo has the ability to fill these shelves on a regular basis, but there continue to be areas of need. Last year alone, we received 5,000 pounds of food assistance. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in being scheduled to bring food from the Hunger Task Force (many hands make light work) on monthly or bimonthly basis.

Case-a-Month Club: Campus Ministry is also beginning an opportunity for employees to sign up to contribute a monthly case of food on a regular basis. This would help fill any food needs that are not being met by the Hunger Task Force. Examples include: a monthly case a peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, yogurt, apples, etc.

If you are interested in helping to bring food from the Hunger Task Force, joining the Case of the Month Club, or are able to help in any other way, contact me at

Again, I thank you, the Viterbo community, for contributing to the success of our Student Food Pantry. Pax et Bonum.