Campus News

Library Study and Collaborative Spaces

Employees and students can reserve rooms in the library for study or group work. To reserve rooms 110, 114, 139, and 201, sign up at the main desk for any day throughout the fall semester.  To reserve rooms 103 (includes large screen TV and computer), 135 and 137, sign up for same day use at the main desk or contact the main desk (ext. 3269 to reserve through the campus EMS reservation system.

The addition of a collaborative technology space in room 103 allows for webinars with up to eight people. You can also plug in your computer or iPad to project it on a large-screen TV, which is perfect for working on group projects or practicing presentations. This room can be reserved in advance by contacting Danita at ext. 3747 or

At the back of the library, the Robers Reading Room is dedicated to silent study on a walk-in basis. Students wanting to seriously focus on studying can enjoy comfortable seating and tables, as well as tabletop whiteboards. 

Study rooms 135, 137 and 139, at the back of the library, have furnishings that provide an open atmosphere for group study.

Talking is allowed throughout the library except in Robers Silent Study, and in the Children's Collection and Art Gallery, which are quiet, whispering only-areas.

Find a seat in one of the library’s 11 study rooms. Now including a computer and large screen TV in room 237 and a projector in room 233.