Website Migration Nearing Completion

Migration from Ektron to Drupal is entering the final phase well ahead of schedule. At this time, it is expected that the full transition will be complete in 3–4 weeks. 

Publisher training to edit on the new Drupal website will be offered beginning this week. Watch My VU for opportunities to sign up. This training is critically important, and individual editing permissions in the Drupal CMS will be granted after completion of training.

Users will notice subtle changes in the website during the changeover as we complete the process.

This positive report can be attributed to the remarkable cooperation on the part of the many Viterbo publishers and others who interact with the website. 

During the interim there will limited access to edit (i.e., change content) on the current Web pages. However, critical updates can be sent to Deb Kappmeyer, communications and marketing.

Many exciting developments will follow with the advent of Drupal, the largest open-source content management system in higher education.

Thanks to all for your cooperation and patience during this transition.