Thanksgiving, already?

Most will agree the autumn colors in Western Wisconsin have been beautiful. Leaves and temperatures are dropping, students and academic advisors are planning course schedules for next semester—sure signs the fall semester is coming to a close. Soon we will all be making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and enjoying many of Viterbo’s holiday traditions.

Let’s not wait each year for the Thanksgiving recess to express gratitude for the many blessings we have. Take a moment right now to send an email, write a card, make a phone call, or visit someone on the campus and thank them for the gift she or he brings to your life.

Each day I am privileged to witness or to learn about special contributions made by our students, faculty, staff, and administrators that better the teaching, learning, working, and playing environment on the campus or in the community. An attitude of gratitude need not be displayed only at Thanksgiving. Let’s do it now. Thank you!

Pax et Bonum,
Rick Artman