Technology Tidbits

By Sara Bearbower

In April, Windows XP reached “End of Life” from Microsoft. This means the software no longer receives critical security updates and is not supported by the company. Most university-owned Windows XP machines have moved to Windows 7 or otherwise have been removed from the campus network. Any employee with a CPU that has been missed can contact the Help Desk. Hint: A computer that displays a green start button in the bottom left of the screen is a likely that Windows XP is still running and needs to be moved.

Employees and students running Windows XP on a personal machine at home also are advised to update software to assure compatibility.

Old Streaming server to be decommissioned over Christmas break

Prior Technology Tidbit articles mentioned we were transitioning all streaming videos from the old server to Ensemble. It is now time to shut down these old servers. IIT will shut down the old streaming server over Christmas break. This means that any links you are using to access streaming video for content in your classes for spring 2015 and forward should be using the new EMBED code information. Since spring 2014, Deb Siebenaler has been sending new EMBED codes and the directions of how to embed this information in faculty Moodle courses. Contact Deb with questions at 608-796-3162 or