President’s Column

Making the World a Better Place

A survey released by PayScale in September and published in the Washington Post Sept. 11 placed Viterbo University among the top five colleges in the nation for producing graduates who make the world a better place.

The self-reported salary survey conducted by PayScale combined the ratings for mid-career salaries and job meaningfulness. The survey asked respondents, “Does your work make the world a better place?” The median salary for Viterbo graduates was $71,100 and 85 percent cited high job meaning, earning a fifth place ranking.

Incidentally, among all respondents, those in the nursing profession had the highest scores on job meaningfulness. Return on Investment is increasingly becoming a common metric these days in assessing the value of a college education. We can be proud to be a part of a legacy that truly makes a difference in the lives of students.

University Recognition Committee

The Viterbo University Recognition Committee has commenced its monthly meetings and we invite nominations from the university community to salute students, staff, faculty, administrators, and others who deserve a special recognition for going “above and beyond.” When making a nomination, include a description of the behavior, especially how it aligns with Viterbo’s core values. The committee invites nominations via email or personal contact to any member: Jane Brunner, Diana Cataldi, Brandy Cleveland, Sonya Ganther, Chad Gilbeck, Melissa Growt, Janet Holter, Erin Isaacson, Carter Martin, Chris Sanger, Sheila Severson, Deb Siebenaler, and Vickie Unferth.

Please note: There will not be a university forum on Thursday, Oct. 30 as previously posted on the university calendar.

Pax et Bonum,

Rick Artman