Meet Jordan Manley

Name: Jordan Manley

Position: Administrative Assistant, Student Help Office-Student Academic Success

Education background: Two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, one in English (2011) and one in Public Administration (2014).

Previous employer and position/Past experience as related to current position: I also currently work as an admissions counselor in the emergency services department at Gundersen Health System. It’s a different kind of “help office,” but I enjoy working with patients and I know I’ll enjoy working with students.

Hometown: Holmen

Why did you choose Viterbo as your next employer? I have wanted to gain experience in a higher education setting, and I know working at Viterbo means being a part of a community that cares and will provide a wealth of knowledge.

Of the five Viterbo values, which resonates with you most and why? The value that I especially enjoy practicing is hospitality. It’s a reward unto itself, and it can really show how the small ways that we interact with people can make a big difference in their hour, day, or life.

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, eating, and hanging around cats.

Unique fact about you: I’ve traveled to seven countries in the last year and a half.