From the Library

By Gretel Stock-Kupperman

What can Turnitin do for me?

Viterbo subscribes to Turnitin, an online assessment tool that helps students and faculty review how much original work went into their papers. Turnitin is linked through Moodle, so users may not know they are accessing a separate service. When a student uploads a paper to Turnitin through a Moodle assignment, it is checked against a huge database of websites, journal articles, and papers. The resulting report shows what text is similar to other sources. Students and faculty can see where they may be overusing quotations or missing quotes from phrases in the text.

Beyond detecting similarity, Turnitin offers a great set of commenting and interaction tools. Faculty can grade and provide feedback directly in Turnitin without having to download or print assignments. There are also rubric and discussion tools available. Students can access their feedback online or download a report to see all comments in one place.

Click for more information on using Turnitin for students. Click here for more information for faculty. Anyone with questions on what Turnitin or Moodle can do for them can contact for assistance.