Music Department

Piano Proficiency Policies

  • Music majors must be enrolled in either MUSC 101, 105, 205, or 206 until they successfully complete the Piano Proficiency courses required for their degree program.
  • MUSC 105, 205, and 206 are offered for credit/no credit only. Students must pass the proficiency exam for the course in which they are enrolled in order to obtain credit for the course. Students must retake the course if they do not pass the proficiency exam.
  • Under special circumstances, students may enroll in MUPI 171/371 (Applied Piano Lessons) in lieu of MUSC 101, 105, 205, or 206. The permission of Dr. Mary Ellen Haupert is required for this exception.
  • All music majors must register for a piano class each semester until all packages are successfully completed. Each student will be limited to three attempts to register and pass each class.
  • In the event that a student fails for the 3rd time to successfully complete the required Piano Proficiency class (including dropping the class), the student will meet with the Music Faculty to discuss the next step.