Music Department

MENC Chapter

Music Education majors are required to become members of the Student Chapter of Music Educators National Conference. Further information may be obtained from the officers or the chapter advisor, Nancy Allen.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of student membership is to afford students an opportunity for professional orientation and development while still in school. It is expected that benefits will accrue both to the students themselves and to the professional organization, as the student gains an understanding of:

  1. The basic truths and principles that underlie the role of music in human life.
  2. The philosophy and function of the music education profession. (It is expected that this will be an outgrowth of actual participation in chapter aqctivities such as demonstrations, discussions, performing groups, and other campus activities and services.)
  3. The professional interests of members involved in state, division and national meetings and are a means of establishing contacts with leaders in the profession.
  4. the music industry's role in support of music education and contacts with members of that industry.
  5. The knowledge and practices of the professional music educator that will facilitate the assumption of professional duties upon graduation.

MEMBERSHIP:  Any student who is enrolled in an institution with a student chapter and who is not employed full-time in the field of music education is eligible for student membership.

DUES:  National dues for MENC student membership for the school year (September-June) are approximately one-fourth the cost of regular membership. State and local chapters may levy additional nominal dues. Upon payment of national dues, students will receive a membership card, the Music Educators Journal, the Wisconsin School Musician, and a quarterly national newsletter.

PRIVILEGES:  Student members have all the privileges of active membership except for those of voting and holding office in national and state organizations. Upon presentation of the official membership card and payment of the student registration fees, students may participate in national, division, and state conferencdes as well as in campus chapter activities of their own institution.

TRANSFER TO ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP:  Following the student member's acceptance of employment as a professional music educator, which employment accounts for more than 50% of his/her income, the student may request transfer of professional status as an active member of MENC for the balance of the fiscal year (through June 30) with full privileges of active membership, including the right to vote and hold office in the national conference and the state association in which employed. A Special Introductory Membership, including the above benefits, is available to all graduating student members entering their first year of full-time employment in music education.