Music Department

Checklist for Preparing a Recital

Scheduling a Recital Date & Reserving Facilities
Student recital dates are assigned based on available dates. At the end of spring semester music faculty members receive dates from the Fine Arts Center Office and assign half and full recital dates and times for the following year. Use of kitchenette and Hospitality Suite are included for receptions.

*  Newspaper & "Connections" - Contact Anthony Slaby in the Communications/Marketing Office (796-3042). He handles campus publicity ('Connections' and 'VU Today') and sends information to the La Crosse Tribune.
*  Posters: Students prepare and pay for their own recital posters, which should be proofread by their applied teacher before copying and posting. Wording should include "Sponsored by the Viterbo University Music Department." 
*  Website calendars:  Please check the Music Department calendar of events to make sure your recital information is posted and accurate.

* Music Department programs have a standardized format and color (ivory). Each student receives 75 copies of their program. More copies may be obtained at a nominal charge.
* You need to submit information for your program to the Administrative Assistant of the College of Arts and Letters Office no later than two weeks before your recital. 
* Your applied teacher and accompanist should proofread all program materials before they are copied.

Recital recording should be arranged through the Fine Arts Center Office.

Following your reception, it is your responsibility to see that the reception area and the kitchenette are cleaned thoroughly.

If your recital has to be cancelled, please let the Fine Arts Center Office know ASAP as they will need to cancel workers and piano tuning.  Let the College of Arts and Letters Office know so it can be removed from online calendars.