Skills that Benefit Any Organization

If you want to develop skills that would benefit any organization, then you should be thinking about Marketing. Career choices in marketing are many and varied; virtually every organization interacts with customers to meet a need. In the field of marketing, you plan and execute the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services.

In Viterbo's Marketing program, students have tremendous opportunities to exercise their creativity and analytical skills in the classroom and in the business environment.

Learn through Action

 For example, read about the Social Media Marketing course's eBay project, just one of many creative and relevant projects our students execute in a semester. In this project, students created and ran an eBay business, using the profits to purchase items for children in need at a local elementary school.


"I learned e-commerce is more than just posting a product , putting a price on that product and hoping for the best. In this class I learned many valuable aspects of social media and efficient ways to market to customers. Not only did I learn, all the money is going to a good cause, so it makes me feel good to be a part of this project. It was a project to practice e-commerce and do something good for the community all at the same time." - MKTG 354 student, Spring 2012

 Ebay Group 

MKTG 354 students with the supplies they bought for local elementary students
using the profits from their eBay project