Career Opportunities

The employment outlook for marketing graduates continues to be very favorable in all areas. Currently, more than 20 million people have careers in marketing. No other field in business, and few other professions, offers as many different career possibilities as the field of marketing.  In addition to varied career options, a marketing career will give you considerable responsibility and it is an excellent preparation for upper management positions in all types of organizations. You also have the chance to earn a top salary in relation to other careers. According to the American Marketing Association, salaries for entry-level marketing positions are expected to rise much higher than the rate of inflation over the next several years.   Some of the more common career opportunities for marketing graduates include:

  • Sales and sales management. Sales positions can be found in nearly all organizations including manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and service businesses. Sales representatives must fully understand the products and services offered by their company. These positions vary by company, but generally require the ability to identify and learn about the needs of prospective customers, develop and make sales presentations, provide follow-up services and manage existing accounts. Sales positions often lead to advancement opportunities in sales management that involve the supervision and management of an organization's sales force.
  • Advertising, promotion and marketing communication.  These positions include: advertising managers, account executives, promotional specialists, media planners and buyers, and media representatives.
  • Marketing research specialists.  These are the people who conduct research studies regarding advertising, pricing, packaging, new product testing, and test marketing to help determine sales potential and effective ways to market products and services.
  • Product and brand managers.  Product managers' responsibilities include the development of marketing plans for a brand and coordination of the various sales and marketing activities involved in the marketing process.

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