Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Meet Your Orientation Leaders


  Name Hometown Year as of Fall 2019 Fav VU Tradition/Activity Advice to New Students Favorite Place/Destination and Why Favorite Meal in the Caf Favoite La Crosse Restaurant Favorite La Crosse Activity Favorite Class You've Taken Favorite Color
  Jose Gonzales Cuellar Milwaukee, WI  Junior My favorite Viterbo Tradition is the Carnival that is held every year. A piece of advice I have for new students is that they shouldn’t be afraid to open or ask for help. As everyone is afraid and others have been in the same situation as they have. Florida because I like the way the ocean smells and it’s never cold.  baked Mac and cheese Piggy’s  Kayaking My favorite class I’ve taken is Organic Chemistry Blue
  Julia Grygleski Stevens Point, WI Junior Courtyard Carni! Be yourself! Introduce yourself to someone you don't know. Get involved in on-campus activities that you enjoy Switzerland in the Alps. They are so pretty and I love to ski and hike. Pitas from Steve 4 Sisters Tapas Restaurant Hiking in the Bluffs Anatomy & Physiology Blue

Alivia Schmidt-Sanders

Onalaska, WI Music Education The President's Dinner! When making friends, stay true to yourself - don't be afraid to be who you are! The top of the bluffs - I love seeing La Crosse from a new perspective Steve's rose cheese tortelini The People's Food Co-op The Cameron Park Farmer's Market! French 101 & 102 Turquoise

Stephanie Hayne

Hastings, MN Sophomore Weekends at VU It's OK to not know anyone! I promise you will make new friends, it just takes time! On Campus: The Hawk's Nest to play pool & hang with friends. In La Crosse: The Bluffs or Dim Sum Tea Shop Steve's rosemary chicken wrap The Old Crow Hiking in the bluffs General Psychology Turquoise

Katie Larkin

Onalaska, WI Sophomore Service Saturday! Don't be afraid to meet new people and ask questions. Make the most of your time here! Madison - I love shopping on state street and hiking! Buttered noodles The Old Crow I love hiking at Hixon and Grandad's Bluff! Theology Aqua Blue

Kaitlyn Dhooge

Elk River, MN Sophomore Weekends at VU Don't be afraid to meet people & introduce yourself. Go to different floors & leave your door open! Arizona - I was born there and lived there for 4 years. Spaghetti & meatballs Howie's, The Old Crow & Buzzard Billies Hiking in the Bluffs Theology with Sister Laura Yellow, Pastel Pink, Grey

Megan Messa

Hayward, WI Sophomore Weekends at VU Be yourself, most of the time we don't realize how the simple things can open big doors Hungary (Gyor) - spent 2 summers there with missionary teams; growing cultural exposure, so many awesome people. Pepper, sausage, & onion over rice Root Note Exploring anywhere! Theology! Orange

Nicole Sanders

Belleville, WI Senior Weekends at VU painting nights Join clubs - you make friends and find a passion! Italy, for the cultural emersion. Butter Chicken Senor Villa Farmer's Market Health, Healing, & Christian Spirituality Pink

Sunny Rusholm

Black River Falls, WI Sophomore Weekends at VU Try new things, you never know what you will like. Mexico - love the culture and sights Steve's Omelets! Hougton's (right across from the FAC). Going to the Bluffs Choir! Purple

Caitlin Parish

Milwaukee, WI Senior Courtyard Carni Be willing to always try new things (safely...). California - it's beautiful & it's where my husband is. . . Chicken Parm The Old Crow Walking Riverside Intermediate Photography Purple

Jena Ems

Adams-Friendship Junior Intramurals! Get involved and do not be afraid to ask questions! My bed to decompress/relax. Buttered noodles! Texas Roadhouse Trips to Pettibone Park Racial & Ethnic Groups Blue

Cassi Miller

Waukon, IA Junior Intramural volleyball Get involved and do not be afraid to be yourself and put yourself out there. Pettibone Park - so relaxing & gives beach vibes. Biscuits & gravy Culver's Walking to Riverside Park or Pettibone Health Assessment Purple

Christian Gilman 

Retreat, WI Junior (Elementary Education major) Service Saturday and other volunteering opportunities like Flood Relief projects Try a class outside your major - it's good to experience new things, and it's okay to change your mind. Nature. I love to go on walks and take hikes. It helps me relax after a long day. Rose Tortellini The Root Note (crepes, tea, and coffee shop located downtown) Jumpstart Trampoline park, Rotary Lights (La Crosse Christmas event), and browsing downtown. Painting (Arts 216) Purple/Blue/Red

Erin Boettcher

Stoughton, WI Junior President's Dinner Sign up for tutoring right away and don't be ashamed of it! Cabing - mudding, nature, peace Breakfast Senior Villa Bluffs Health Assessment Red
  Emily Weiss Mondovi, WI Junior Service Saturday

Be open to new experiences and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

My family cabin up North because it's so relaxing and it's great to be out on the lake! Steve's chicken cobb wraps The Old Crow Trying out all of the coffee shops Intro to Dance Teal


Danielle Hoeffel Oconomowoc, WI Junior The President's Dinner, Courtyard Carni Try new things and put yourself out there. It is hard at first but it it 100% worth it. Join choir! Going to Arizona with my family. Steve's Southwest Chicken Salad Tequila's Mexican Restaurant (they have really good burritos!) and Buzzard Billy's Eating at some of La Crosse's fabulous local restaurants. Women's Chorale Pink

Maddie Leighty

Rockton, IL Sophomore St. Francis Week/Franny Fest Embrace the change! It's totally normal to feel nervous about all that's new, but most if not all the change is good! Everyone else is in the same situation so don't be afraid to reach out. Cambridge, England is my favorite place because it was my first time outside of the US and the small-town feel was amazing. I really like the ramen that Steve makes! Howie's Painting at All Glazed Up Both Anatomy & Physiologies Purple

Annie Rinzel

La Crosse, WI Philosophy Service Saturdays Get involved! The North Shore (Lake Superior) because it is a gorgeous and peaceful setting and place. Tacos Piggy's or 4 Sisters Hiking in the bluffs Philosophy Purple

Morgan Mohler

Mondovi, WI Sophomore Catholic mass in San Domiano Freshman year flies by, spend time with your friends and exploring. Be safe & responsible! Pettibone because it's not too far but far enough to get away from campus & swimming! Spaghetti! Fayzie's followed by the Pearl. Hammocking in bluffs VUSM with Matthew BB Purple

Christopher Kahler

Waukesha, WI Sophomore Courtyard Carni! Get involved! Stay on campus during weekends; open up to people! On a volleyball court Cheese Curds Buzzard Billy's Walking along the river Hard to say... Blue

Hannah Krause

Pardeeville, WI Junior President's Dinner! Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people, everyone is in the same place. Alaska - it's so beautiful and peaceful, every turn you make is another beautiful view that takes your breath away. Spaghetti & meatballs Fayze's Ice cream or cupcake runs downtown with friends. Molecular Biology Green

Lydia Breihan

Cottage Grove, WI Dietetics Franny Fest! Don't be afraid to leave your door open! Hard to choose! Buffalo Mac & Cheese Fayze's Hammocking in the bluffs. Food Science or World Religions Pink

Rachel Hall

Green Bay, WI Senior Courtyard Carni and Service Saturdays Don't be afraid to do things that make you feel uncomfortable, but ALWAYS be safe. Culver's - they have really good food and I've worked there for 7 years. Chunky Potato Chowder Soup, curly fries, & Brownie S'mores ice cream Buzzard Billy's Walking downtown by the river or heading up to the Bluffs. SOWK 360: Interpersonal Violence Turquoise

Valerie Rosborough

Peoria, IL Junior Pet blessing on St. Francis Day. Try to make friends with people on your floor - it can be an amazing community. San Francisco because I get to spend time with my brother. Steve's gyros Sushi Pirate Going on drives Intentional Interviewing Purple