Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Meet Your Orientation Leaders


  Name Hometown Major Fav VU Tradition/Activity Advice to New Students
Aaron Syvertson Richland Center, WI Undeclared Intramurals! Be open minded. Get out of your comfort zone.

Alivia Schmidt-Sanders

Onalaska, WI Music Education The President's Dinner! When making friends, stay true to yourself and don't be afraid.

Allison Raasch

Roscoe, IL Nursing Welcome Back Bash! It's OK to not know anyone! I promise you will make new friends, it just takes time!

Andrew Wegner

Trempealeau, WI Biochemistry and Philosophy Service Saturday! Get involved!

Ashley DeMoe

Eau Claire, WI Nursing Welcome Back Bash! Be yourself! Be social & try not to be shy. :) Don't get stressed, things will work out.

Aubrey Berlin

Eau Claire, WI Social Work Courtyard Carni! Stay in La Crosse on the weekends to do new things and meet new people. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable.

Brandy Kummer

Rock Falls, WI Nursing Courtyard Carni! Leave your dorm room open to meet new people!

Brielle Baliff

Cassville, WI Nursing Easter Break! Actually read the class syllabus!

Caitlin Howell

Milwaukee, WI Art Education VU After Dark! Limit time talking to those at home - it will actually make you more homesick.

Christian Hebron

Lakeville, MN Finance Intramurals! Use all of the resources available and think about your future before doing something that can affect your college career.

Chirstina Repa

Nikiti, Greece Psychology and Sports Management VU After Dark! Get out of your comfort zone, relax, and just enjoy college.

Christian Gilman 

Retreat. WI Elementary Education Taize Prayer! Brain breaks can help avoid studying headaches. Explore different strategies and find what works for you.

Damon Schmalzreidt

Lake Crystal, MN Biology Honors Program Game Nights! Don't close yourself off to any opportunities; be willing to try anything once.
Dayonna Bolton Mauston, WI Elementary Education Intramurals!

The freshman 15 is REAL!

Elayna Gutsch Eau Claire, WI Nursing Christmas Dinner! Join as many organizations/groups on and off campus to meet new people and get to know Viterbo/La Crosse.

Emma Pieper

Milwaukee, WI Social Work Saint Francis Day! Stay on campus during the weekends, get involved, balance school and fun, explore La Crosse!

Erika Schultz

DeForest, WI Chemistry Courtyard Carni and Soccer! Get involved (while not spreading yourself too thin) and don't stress!

Faith Bartelt

Rhinelander, WI Vocal Performance and Theatre Service Saturdays and Glow in the Dark Yoga! Just say "yes' as new opportunities come up - there's no better ways to meet new people, find new organizations, or become a part of amazing things than jumping in with both feet.

Hanna Marbach

Ryan, IA Dietetics Courtyard Carni! Get involved! Stay on campus during weekends; open up to people!

Hannah Krause

Pardeeville, WI Biochemistry President's Dinner! Don't be afraid to step out of your shell! By opening up and starting conversations, you are able to experience new things.

Hannah Tindal

Hayfield, MN Nursing President's Dinner! Don't be afraid to be yourself & meet new people.

Jena Ems

Adams-Friendship, WI Education Intramurals! Do NOT procrastinate. Get to class.

Jessica Fenske

Chatfield, MN Nursing Courtyard Carni! Try and stay on campus as much as possible during your first year. Don't go home every weekend. You will make so many memories and make relationships that will last.

Josh Sengbusch

Hudson, WI Nursing Welcome Back Bash! Talk to people!
Justin Mastin Kasson, MN


Courtyard Carni! Come open-minded to all of your classes; some of my required classes were the most fun.

Lydia Breihan

Cottage Grove, WI Dietetics Franny Fest! Don't be afraid to leave your door open!

Maddie Adickes

Onalaska, WI Nursing Service Saturdays! Try at least 1 thing outside your comfort zone during year first week! :) Also, run for SGA!

Marne Boehm

Weston, WI Biology and Philosophy Service Saturdays! Try new things! Take chances! Put yourself out there! Relax!!!

Melissa Edgar

Kasson, WI Biology Service Saturdays! Try not to procrastinate (though it will happen).

Miranda Myszka

Edgar, WI English Education Service Trips and Service Saturdays! Go get it! All you need is 20 seconds of courage so go introduce yourself, try new things, and do something new & different! P.S. Everyone feels awkward & doesn't know what they're doing so you're definitely not alone!

Morgan Dulmes

Hingham, WI Nursing Volleyball Intramurals! Go to class!

Rachel Hall

Green Bay, WI Social Work Going to Viterbo sporting events and VU After Dark! Be open to new experiences, and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Samantha Boland

Seneca, WI Nursing Platinum Edition and sports!

Come to Orientation events to meet and make new friends (both because you should and because you have to) - they may become your best friend.

Tessa Jappinen

Oconomowoc, WI


President's Dinner and Franny Fest!

Keep your door open at least for the first few weeks. Go to campus activities/VU After Dark - it’s a great way to meet new people.

Therese Dehnert

Apple Valley, MN


Honors Game Nights and Praise/Worship!

Remember that no one knows you and no one has friends yet. This is the perfect opportunity for you to start over and make new friends - embrace it!

Valerie Nagengast

Saint Michael, MN


Taize Prayer!

Enjoy making friends & keep smiling. These 2 things are day changers!

Valerie Rosborough

Peoria, IL Biopsychology Service Saturdays! Start studying early!

Wyatt Matteson

Stevens Point, WI Nursing VU After Dark and Intramurals! Make sure you pick your roommate wisely!

Zaria Beyer

New London, WI Biology RHA Lock-in! Step outside your comfort zone and socialize with as many people you can during your first few weeks at Viterbo. This may seem intimidating, but it will also help you make some great friendships!