Meet Ted Wilson

Name: Ted Wilson

Position: Dean of the College of Education, Science, and Mathematics

Education background: University of Northern Iowa: B.A. in biology and minors in chemistry and psychology from the University of Northern Iowa; M.S. in entomology and a Ph.D. in entomology from Iowa State University.

Previous employer and position/Past experience as related to current position: I have 10 years of teaching experience at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City. I was also the chair of the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Director of the Center for Health Care Initiatives at Briar Cliff University.

Hometown: Decorah, Iowa

Why did you choose Viterbo as your next employer? I love Viterbo’s Catholic Franciscan identity. The position of dean was a step that I have been considering for some time and couldn’t resist this opportunity. The region is also very beautiful and presents a lot of opportunities for my family. 

Of the five Viterbo values, which resonates with you most and why? It was a tough choice between service and stewardship. Protection, conservation, and appreciation of our natural environments and resources are very important to me, so I will have to choose stewardship at this time.

Hobbies: Photography, board games, strategy games, fishing, and hanging out in nature.

Unique fact about you: I think spiders and insects make great educational companions. 

Anything about your family you would like to share: My wife Jill is an assistant professor of music education at Luther College. My two boys are ages 13 and 11, and each share a love for math. Between the two of them, they play the piano, trombone, euphonium, and sing in choir. Both boys also play soccer and basketball, and all three of us play fantasy football.