Optical Scanning

The Media Center uses Remark Classic OMR 2.5 program from NCS Pearson for testing, evaluations, and surveys. We presently use three general bubble forms for our purposes but several more are available and will have to be ordered. Customized forms can also be done by NCS Pearson to suit your requirements at a cost. The scanner is a dual read head, #2 pencil only. The reports offered by the program are too varied and numerous to mention on the web site.

When planning for a test, evaluation or survey, it would be advisable to contact the Media Center about your plans. When the Media Center is involved early in this planning process, possible problems can be avoided. When consulting with the Media Center, you will be informed as to how the scanner forms should be “bubbled” in, what reports are available, and the time frame necessary to process the project and print the reports.

A 100 question Student Test form is available in the Media center at a cost of $.07 each. Test forms can be purchased individually or by the box of 500 sheets. The cost of these forms is billed to your department.

Please inform the Media Center as far in advance as possible about any test for your course. Tests that have a reservation will be scored within 2 hours of their receipt. Tests with less than a 24 hour notice will be corrected as time permits. The test reservation forms are available at the CMMC and should be sent to the Media Center at least 24 hours in advance. Each test should have a reservation form indicating the date and time the test will be brought in, number of students, number of questions, and which reports you want, and how to be contacted upon completion of the correcting of the test.  This is also necessary if the test is to be scored only and no reports. 

If you have any questions, please call Deb at 3162.