MBA/DNP Dual Degree

Plans of Study

Students in either of the MBA/DNP dual degree tracks can complete the MBA and DNP in 3-4 years. Tentative timelines for each dual degree program as well as the post-Master's ethical leadership DNP track are shown below.

Post-MSN to MBA/DNP  (plan shown above) total credits: minimum 49 credits; 1080 hours with 240 hours DNP project (max 4 credits, 60 hours=1 cr); 3-7 credit hours management/MBA indirect practicum hours (120 hours=1 cr) with at least 1,000 qualified clinical hours between the MSN and Post-MSN DNP program.

Post-BSN to DNP/MBA total credits: 62 credits; 1080 hours with 240 hours DNP project (max 4 credits, 60 hours=1 cr); 840 management/MBA/indirect practicum (120 hours=1 cr)

Post-Master's DNP (non-NP) Ethical Leadership Track students complete 36 credits (minimum, depending on practicum hours needed; prior coursework may transfer to reduce credits). 1020 hours include 240 hours DNP project (max 4 credits, 60 hours=1 credit); Minimum 480 hours management/ MBA/indirect practicum (120 hours=1 cr) at the Post Master's level; indirect hours may vary depending on accrued hours from MSN program.