MBA in Health Care Leadership (online)



"I was in management for 15 years prior to taking my current role as administrative director. At the same time I accepted the role, I began the MBA program. I found I was able to implement what I learned here at Viterbo in real life - the strategic planning, leadership, communication, the teamwork. Collaboration with my cohort helped me look deeply through a different set of eyes. As a person, I have grown in more ways than I ever imagined and have been encouraged to tap into skills that maybe I hadn’t been confident in. I could not have asked for a better experience." 
            —Roxanne Potts, RN, BSN, MBA (December 2015)
                Administrative Director - General Surgery, Vascular Institute, and Preadmissions

"When I am in a meeting, whether we are talking about business, strategy, or planning, I now stand up with confidence, knowing what I’m talking about…and people take notice of that. It is very empowering and satisfying, too. The program really helped me with a lot of problem solving that I use in day-to-day work.  It develops your confidence and skills to be a leader making ethical decisions for the organization. I didn’t choose to do my MBA to find new career opportunities, but now I see an amazing amount of opportunities I was not even aware of that have come my way because of being a physician with an MBA."
             —Venkat Iyer, M.D., MBA (May 2015)
                 Nephrologist, Chair of the Division of Community Nephrology

"The MBA program has really opened my eyes to be receptive of the changes that are happening with our economy and healthcare and the challenges we’re faced with.  It’s helped me adapt to those changes and given me an appreciation for them, and it’s helped frame them for my colleagues as well. When I became a clinical manager, I knew I didn’t have the business knowledge to execute as well as I wanted to. Viterbo has really allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and has given me a holistic perspective of the business world as well as developed my leadership skills."
Tanya Brueggen, RN, BSN, current MBA student (graduating August 2016)
                Clinical Manager for Outpatient Surgery Center

"I took a different job partway through the MBA program, and it was a job I never would have applied for had I not been in the program going for my MBA. When I’m at a meeting or I’m at the table and there’s something for discussion, I feel confident in my ability to contribute and that I understand the aspects of business that are required to make evidence-based decisions. I was blown away by the concept of servant leadership and how much Viterbo really pushes that and embraces that in their culture."
Jessica Hennessey, MBA (December 2015)
                Health Systems Specialist/Administrative Officer/Assistant to the Medical Center Director

"When I started Viterbo’s MBA program I was interested in complementing my nursing background with core business skills. These skills have become invaluable as I have learned how to think strategically as well as tailor my business knowledge to the healthcare arena. Additionally, their curriculum focuses on servant leadership principles that stress the importance of integrity as a leader. Since obtaining my MBA from this distinguished program I have been fortunate to receive different promotions in healthcare leadership roles.  I consistently go back to the ethical principles Viterbo endorses through their MBA program. If you are looking to accelerate your career, become highly marketable with a diversified skillset, and really maximize your leadership capabilities, Viterbo’s MBA program is exactly what you are looking for.”
             —Chet Doering, RN, BSN, MBA (December 2012)
                 Administrative Director, Pediatric Services