Master of Arts in Education

MAE Generalist Degree

MAE Generalist Degree

The Master of Arts in Education Generalist Degree is designed for educators who aspire to work at the forefront of change and reform in education.  Coursework will challenge educators to explore the changing role of the teacher in an educational context. Academic study is flexible and educators will have considerable choice in selecting courses that will meet their individual need and interest. 

This program consists of a minimum of 30 graduate credits:

  • 15-credits of core coursework.  Core course descriptions are provided on the Course Descriptions menu.
  • 15-credits of approved elective credits will be chosen from EDUC, EDUL, EDEL.  Educators typically combine coursework from the reading programs, special education programs, and elective (EDEL) coursework to fulfill the elective requirement. Your advisor will assist you in determining the correct course selection and sequence.  Click the PDF link below for a list of the EDEL electives approved for the MAE program. 
    • NOTE: Candidates may petition for up to six (6) credits of graduate credit taken prior to beginning the MAE program may be used as electives in this program, either transferred in from other institutions or taken at Viterbo. Courses must have been taken at a graduate level within 7 years of applying to the program to be eligible, and official transcripts must be submitted at the time of application showing evidence of these courses. (Effective June 1, 2012, EDEX credits are no longer acceptable as transfer credits and as of 2017 EDUC/EDPD 510, 546, 547, 548, 549 courses are not eligible for transfer of credit)
    • Viterbo EDUC/EDPD 510, 546, 547, 548, and 549 courses may not be used as MAE electives after the MAE program has started, and may not exceed 6 credits of the overall elective requirements.  

For questions regarding the MAE Generalist program, contact an advisor listed below. 

Wisconsin Students: Susie Hughes
Master of Arts in Education Program Specialist/Advisor

Iowa Students:  Carol Page
Master of Arts in Education Program Specialist/Advisor