Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Viterbo University Mail falls into the following categories:

U. S. First Class Presort: Viterbo University #9 or #10 envelopes, which weigh less than 2 ounces are meter stamped and picked up daily by the La Crosse Presort Center at 2:00pm.

U. S. Regular Mail: Viterbo University #10 envelopes weighing more than 2 ounces, catalog envelopes, packages or pre-stamped envelopes are picked up between 10am and 11am, by US Postal workers when the Incoming Mail is delivered, except for declared holidays.

UPS: All ground, next day air and second day air packages, are picked up between 2:30 and 3:30 pm daily.

Standard (Bulk) Mail: Viterbo University standard (bulk) mailings are sorted, metered and bundled by Mail Room personnel, and delivered to the Post Office by Viterbo University personnel. Standard (bulk) mailings require a minimum of 200 identical letters or postcards or 50 pounds of identical catalog envelopes. The pieces have to be sorted in zip code order, lowest to highest.

In-House Mail: In-House mail is distributed to employee mailboxes several times a day. Mail for on and off campus employees can be deposited in the In-House mail slot outside the CMMC, in the Reinhart Center. There are In-House envelopes available for general use, in the CMMC.

Personal Mail: Viterbo University employees or students who wish to mail personal letters or packages by USPS or UPS, can bring their items to the Mail Room for stamping. Personal mail should be paid for as items are left for mailing. Personal items and pre-stamped items will go out with the scheduled USPS Mail or UPS pickup times listed above, except for declared holidays.

Miscellaneous: Companies such as Air Borne, Federal Express, DHL, etc…pick up packages after a request for pick-up was placed by the sender. Viterbo University does not have contracts with these companies to schedule daily pick-up times. Below are the 800 numbers to schedule a package pick-up time for the most frequently used companies.

AIR BOURNE    800-247-2676
DHL    800-225-5345
FEDERAL EXPRESS     800-463-3339