Mail Room

Mail Incoming

Incoming Mail

All incoming US Mail, UPS parcels, In-House mail, Student mail or other items delivered to Viterbo University are handled differently.

US Mail is delivered to Viterbo University between 10am and 11am daily, except for declared holidays. All incoming U. S. Posted letters and small packages are distributed to employee mailboxes upon delivery, by mailroom personnel. Packages that are too large for the mailbox are set aside and card notifications are distributed to the appropriate mailbox. When employees receive large orders, or multiple items, E-mail or Voice Mail notification is made, to arrange pickup or delivery of the items.

UPS parcels are delivered by 3:00pm daily unless they are sent Next Day Air, which are delivered by 10:30 am, except for declared holidays. UPS parcels are distributed to employee mailboxes or card notifications are placed in the appropriate mailbo

Federal Express, or others make deliveries throughout the day. Items that arrive by these means are distributed to employee mailboxes or notifications are made to inform the recipient of the arrival.

In-house mail is distributed to employee mailboxes several times a day. Student In-House mail is routed to the Student Union.

Student mail should be addressed to 702 Franciscan Way, La Crosse WI 54601 or to 710 S. 8th St., La Crosse WI 54601 for Clare Apartment residents. Letters for students that are sent to the general Viterbo mailing address will be forwarded to the student through inter-campus mail, packages for students that are sent to the general Viterbo address will be notified, by email so they can arrange to pick it up during CMMC office hours.



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