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Fax Services

Fax Services

Viterbo employees and students can send or receive Fax transmissions in the CMMC.

The Fax number is 608-796-3050, and the name of the recipient should be listed on the Fax cover page of all incoming faxes. Directions to send a Fax vary depending on the type of Fax sent, so we can assist you with any transmission sent.

Outgoing Faxes should be paid for at the time the fax is sent. Long distance and Internation Faxes can also be charged to employee long distance code or a calling card. Outgoing Fax charges are listed below:

Local faxes are free
Long distance faxes can be charged to an employee long distance code or a flat fee of $.25
International faxes can be charged to an employee long distance code or a flat fee of $.50

Cover sheets are available for Outgoing Faxes.

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