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 Long Range Planning- HSR Associates and Dr. Gibbons Long Range Plans

Long Range Development Plan, 1980 (Dr. Gibbons)
Correspondence RE: Task Force on Phase I of Campus Development, 1981-1984
HSR Associates Plan Campus Development for Viterbo College June, 1981
Correspondence and Drawings RE: HSR Associates and Dr. Robert Gibbons
HSR Associates, Inc. Project Manual- Phase 1 Viterbo College, La Crosse, WI October 1982
Facilities Planning Proposal- a description of planning service for Viterbo College Campus, 1983; Correspondence RE: Facilities Planning, 1982-1984
Facilities Use Study Space utilization sq. footage chart Facilities Remodeling
Implementation of Phase I Campus Development, 1982-1984
Mall dedication October 4, 1984
Suggested names for Viterbo College Courtyard- Father Finucan's Project 

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