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North Central Association (N.C.A.)    

Viterbo College Reports to the North Central Review Board; 1947, 1952, 1953, 1959, 1969, 1979


Summary sheets 1951-1954; Institutional Pattern Maps; Materials from the President's office, 1977; Applying for membership, 1954


Report to the Board of Reviews; August 19, 1951


Report to the Board of Reviews; June 31, 1953


Institutional form, 1958 Annual Survey of Current Trends


Paper on the development of accreditation by North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools


Correspondence: Viterbo College and N.C.A., Summer School Course, 1961-1976


Basic Institutional Data, 1968; 1968-69; 1978


Correspondence: Sister Justille McDonald with NCA, 1967-1969


Correspondence: Sister Mynette Gross with NCA, 1971-1975


Institutional Data, Viterbo College to NCA, 1967-1969


Institutional Profile, 1969


Self-study Report, Viterbo College to NCA, 1973


Self-study Report to NCA, 1978


Self-study Report to NCA, 1982


Self-study Report to NCA, 1985


Self-study Report to NCA, 1988


Request for approval of an institutional change in affiliation status by Dr. Robert E. Gibbons, Sept. 6, 1985; Information and documentation included


Focused Report on Capital Debt and Resource Allocation to NCA visiting teams, February 1983


Correspondence NCA and Dr. Robert E. Gibbons on NCA Evaluation, 1983-1984; Self-evaluation report to NCA, 1982-1984


Re-accreditation Recommendation for 10 years, 1988


NCA Reports in Preparation for 1998 Visit


NCA Reports in Preparation for 2008 Visit 

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