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Music Department


History of Music Department by Sister Lea Henkes, F.S.P.A
St. Rose School of Music, 1943-1945
Correspondence: Certification of Music Teachers, 1940-1946
NASM Correspondence, 1948-1957
Report to NASM on the Music Department, 1942-1964
DPI Correspondence RE: Certification of Teachers in Music Education,
National Association of Schools of Music Accreditation (NASM), 1942-1974;
   Supporting document, No. 10A and 10B
Self-survey report by Viterbo College to NASM.
Artaria Quarter of Boston, 1993-1998
Boy’s choir, 1978-2000
Choral and Concert Choirs, Marionettes, Women’s Choral, Madrigal,
   Ninth Street Singers, etc.
Faculty Recitals
Farewell Concerts
Miscellaneous Music Programs
Minutes and Agendas of the Music Faculty, 1985-
Viterbo University Theatre

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