Partnership Program

The Partnership Program exists to establish ongoing relationships between the library and academic departments.  The program is composed of library staff and faculty working together to enhance communication and improve library resources and services.  For more information, see Partnership Program Roles and Responsibilities.  Use the table below to contact your library partner by selecting his or her name, and read your program's collection statement by selecting the program name.

Program Library Partner Faculty Partnersort ascending
World Languages Pinzl, Michelle
Creative Media Design Skoog, Jason Nyseth, Jeffery
Music Theatre Skoog, Jason Campbell, Matthew
Religious Studies Reese, Rev. Bill
Dance Skoog, Jason Rhoades, Shane
Nursing, Undergraduate Olson-Kopp, Kim Meyers, Julie
Children's Literature Christie, Lisa Langeberg, Melinda
Nursing, Graduate Olson-Kopp, Kim Stolder, Mary Ellen
Healthcare Management Alexander-Friet, Deb Smith, Tiffany
English Herbers, Jackie
Special Education Skoog, Jason Eiben, Vicky
Education Skoog, Jason Eiben, Vicky
Curriculum Skoog, Jason Eiben, Vicky
Psychology Scott, Polly Ware, Liza
Chemistry Clark, Tammy
Environmental Studies
Sport Management and Leadership Skoog, Jason Waters, David
Business Alexander-Friet, Deb Knothe, Thomas
Environmental Biology Alfieri, Michael
Sport Science and Leadership Skoog, Jason Alfieri, Michael
Biology Alfieri, Michael
Latin American Studies Skoog, Jason Jambrina, Jesús
Mathematics Wodzak, Michael
Mathematical Physics Wodzak, Michael
Servant Leadership Scott, Polly Thibodeau, Thomas
Arts Administration Skoog, Jason Ranscht, Michael
Mental Health Counseling Scott, Polly Murray, Debra
Addiction Studies Murray, Debra
Theatre Skoog, Jason McLean, Janet
Art Skoog, Jason Lisota, Sherri
Ethics Scott, Polly Kyte, Richard
History Knutson, Keith
Philosophy Howard, Jason
Nutrition and Dietetics Scott, Polly Herling, Alida
Music Skoog, Jason Haupert, Mary Ellen
Gerontology Olson-Kopp, Kim
Women's Studies Alexander-Friet, Deb Fisher, Marlene
Social Work Scott, Polly Zellmer, Debra Daehn
Sociology Zellmer, Debra Daehn
Criminal Justice Alexander-Friet, Deb Zellmer, Debra Daehn
Career Services Christie, Lisa Dolder-Zieke, Beth
Sustainable Management Alexander-Friet, Deb
Faculty Development Olson-Kopp, Kim
Reference Olson-Kopp, Kim
Mission Seminars Olson-Kopp, Kim
Recreational Reading Christie, Lisa
Adult Learning