LASP Workshop April 11, 2015

V Latin American and Latino Studies Collaborative Workshop in Tri State Area

April 11, 2015

Viterbo University, Nursing Building 195


8:30 a.m. - 9:00 Coffee and Registration

9:00 a.m. Welcome Remarks - Dr. Tim Schorr, Dean, College of Arts and Letters, Viterbo University

9:15 a.m. Service Learning Education and Latin America

“The Development of an Inter-Professional Practice Course with Embedded Nicaragua Study Abroad.”  Connie Fossen, Professor of Social Work, Viterbo University

“Development of a Study Abroad Experience for Viterbo Pre-service Teachers.” Lynda Fernholz, Associate Professor of Education, Viterbo University

10:00 am. The Latino Population in La Crosse: Challenges and Opportunities

“Latino immigrants in the Greater La Crosse area.” S. Marie Kyle, FSPA, member, AMOS Immigration Task Force.

“How AMOS Immigration Task Force arrived at establishing Centro Latino” - Katherine Krage, member AMOS Immigration Task Force.

“Operation of Centro Latino” - Cameron Segura, Student Intern/Coordinator, Viterbo University

“How one Church Community has Responded to Welcoming the Immigrant” Melinda Pupillo, Pastor, English Lutheran Church.

“Immigration Relief of Violent Crimes”. Katie Rubin, BIA Accredited Immigration Case Manager, Catholic Charities, La Crosse

10:45 a.m. Latin American Geographies of the Global Era

“Between make-believe and make-belief: Role-playing and Clandestinidad in the Postmemory of Political Violence in Argentina”

 Maria Ghiggia, Ph.D. Candidate, UW-Madison.

“Brazilian Politics Today: Back to the Future?” Keith Knutson, Professor of History, Viterbo University

“Cuban Material Culture and U.S Markets: What to Expect?” Hanna Olevson, Undergraduate Researcher, UW-La Crosse

11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. LUNCH BREAK

12:45 p.m. New approaches to Teaching Latin American Studies in the Midwest

“Philosophy in Latin America: Rethinking the Nature of Philosophy”

Jason Howard, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Viterbo University

“Teaching the Cuba Moment: Pedagogical Perspectives on the Future of US-Cuba Relations” Omar Granados, Institute for Latin American Studies, UW-La Crosse

“Teaching Tango: A Cultural Studies Approach to Latin American Literature”

Rose Brougham, Assistant Professor of Spanish, UW-La Crosse.

1:45 p.m. Teaching, Learning, and Servicing in the Hispanic Communities

“Interpretation at Viterbo University: A Community Building Strategy”

Michelle Pinzl, Community Interpreting Certificate Coordinator, Viterbo University

“Pre College Programming in Norwalk: 25 years in the Making” Chelsea Elsberry, Office of International Studies, UW-La Crosse.

2:30 p.m. Student Organizations Advocating for Social Justice

“Awareness Through Performance: Finding the Latino Voice” Maricruz Sánchez, McNair Scholars Program, UW-La Crosse

“Creating Healing Spaces in Predominately White Institutions: Mujeres Orgullosas at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse” Stephanie Bolhman, Student Affairs M.A Program, UW La Crosse.

3:15 p.m. Dr. Maribel Bird, Chair, World Languages and Cultures, Viterbo University