Institutional/Administrative Mission and Goals
Student Services

Student Government Association

(Reviewed February 2009)


The Student Government Association, abbreviated SGA, is an elected board of student representatives who serve the Viterbo campus in a number of capacities.  One function of SGA is to allocate the student activity fee each student pays per semester.  This money is used to support student services, the publications Touchstone and Lumen, activities, events, and clubs throughout the campus.  Student activity fees also cover publishing the student calendar/handbook and provide student discounts for Fine Arts Center events.

The most important part of SGA, however, is to make sure the voices of students are heard and recommend policies pertaining to student life. Throughout the year, students bring certain issues and concerns to our attention.  We evaluate the concerns and take the necessary actions to improve the campus.

The functions of SGA are:

  1. To manage and allocate the student activities budget.
  2. To act as representatives of the Viterbo student body in an official capacity in the La Crosse community.
  3. To coordinate and conduct student school-wide elections.
  4. To recommend policies pertaining to student life.
  5. To update and publish the “Student Planner and Handbook.”
  6. To organize student activities on campus.
  7. To choose Who’s Who, Leadership, Service, and Student Government recognition award recipients.
 (June 2004, reviewed June 2005)