Institutional/Administrative Mission and Goals
Student Services

Residence Life

(Reviewed February 2009)


Residence Life offers on-campus housing options, a living environment conducive to academic and personal success, educational programs and management of facilities.  Community development, learning and respect for others are central to the Viterbo campus living experience.


  1. To offer a living and learning environment that promotes success, individual strengths and mutual respect
  2. To build a respected, hospitable and supportive staff
  3. To encourage student involvement in the on-campus living community, governmental bodies, clubs and community service
  4. To provide a clean, attractive and secure living environment
  5. To enforce all University policies including Residence Hall Policies and Procedures
  6. To increase the involvement of Viterbo faculty and staff members in the residence halls and apartments by expanding collaboration, interaction and partnerships
 (May 2004, revised September 2006)