Institutional/Administrative Mission and Goals
Student Services

Learning Center

(Revised February 2009)

The Learning Center supports the mission of Viterbo University, encourages the intellectual growth of students, fosters the acquisition of knowledge, and offers services to all students for the development of skills necessary for effective performance at the university level.  The Learning Center seeks to involve and support students in an interactive learning process.  Services are presented in a professional environment where the anticipated outcome is successful, independent learners.

Learning Center goals are to:

1.   Assist students in developing skills necessary for successful
      performance in the academic environment.
2.   Establish a framework that helps students build confidence
      in their ability to construct knowledge and become
      independent learners.
3.   Support and challenge students to strive for academic
4.   Create opportunities for students to participate in interactive
      learning communities.
5.   Provide support to individual disciplines in fulfilling 
      academic objectives.
6.   Foster the development of communication and leadership
      skills among student tutors.
7.   Accommodate students with special needs.