Institutional/Administrative Mission and Goals
Administrative Departments

Institute for Ethics in Leadership

(Reviewed February 2009)


The mission of the D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership is to promote the concepts of ethics in leadership as integral to the advancement of American society and to promote leadership and ethics in courses, conferences, workshops, and public forums for the students of area high school and colleges, the employers and employees of the Coulee Region, and the people of western Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa, and southeastern Minnesota.
The goals are:
  1. Bring nationally recognized leaders to Viterbo University to address various constituents on critical issues in leadership and ethics;
  2. Provide conferences, workshops, and symposia on ethical and servant leadership;
  3. Foster an understanding of the moral basis of leadership and promote the effective exercise of leadership for moral and spiritual development; address specific ethical issues facing healthcare institutions, businesses, schools, churches and society;
  4. Provide educational and consultative services to business, healthcare, social agencies, and religious organizations in the region to strengthen their ability to address current leadership and ethical issues;
  5. Contribute to the dissemination and utilization of a knowledge of ethics through educational and consultative services;
  6. Establish a funded faculty and student fellowship program for study and/or research in contemporary ethics;
  7. Promote faculty understanding of the aims of values-related education at the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  8. Foster faculty preparedness to address issues of cognitive/moral development within the framework of Viterbo’s mission and vision.
 (Web page 2001, reviewed May 2006)