Institutional/Administrative Mission and Goals
President's Cabinet

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration Goals

  1. Support Board of Trustees Facilities Committee in prioritizing and implementing long-term campus master planning initiatives.  Steps include prioritization, cost estimating, and integration into budget and fundraising planning.
  2. Provide support for Nursing Center and campus Residence Hall planning/construction initiatives.
  3. Develop and implement model for integrating strategic planning initiatives into multi-year budget model.
  4. Review annual budget planning process with Cabinet/Deans to determine if the process is working for the University.  Also consider the appropriate role/purpose, if any, of the Finance and HR Committees in the budget planning process, as limited discretionary funds and prescribed policies for compensation and benefits have reduced or eliminated the role of those committees.


Finance and Administration Goals

   1.  Develop 2009-2010 Operating Budget

        a.   Issues
              1.  Balancing the need for reasonable rate increases, while
                   providing funds to address salary/benefit needs and
                   controllable budget needs
              2.  Any new initiatives/directives as identified during the
                   annual budget solicitation process and strategic planning
        b.   Residence Life Physical Plant Improvements—Increase
              Physical Plant reserve to address Residence Hall needs.
              Consider impact of enrollment increases, actual and
              planned, on housing demand and need for new facilities.

   2.  Campus Master Planning, including long-term schedule for
        acquisition, improvements, maintenance.  The Campus Master
        Planning exercise will begin in Fall 2008 and continue through
        Summer/Fall 2009.

   3.  Planning for new nursing center and campus residence facility

   4.  Application for Approval to Participate in the Federal Student
        Financial Aid Program—multi-year approval process must be
        completed by September 30, 2008.

   5.  Compensation Philosophy Statement


(Revised 2008-09)


  1. Complete long-term campus master planning process, including development of 20-year capital project schedule.
  2. Provide support for Nursing Center and campus Residence Hall planning initiatives.
  3. Provide resources/information to AVP and Dean of Graduate Studies for orientation purposes, and to support decision-making.