Institutional / Administrative Mission and Goals
President's Cabinet

Vice President for Admission

Admission Goals

  1. Enroll 595 first-time, full-time students majoring in one of the 61fields now in use for Viterbo’s traditional undergraduate programs, thereby achieving an
    enrollment increase of 4.2% over the fall of 2009.
          Enroll 405 first-time freshmen students
          Enroll 190 first-time transfer students
  2. Enroll a cohort of 595 new students with a consolidated,
    unfunded tuition discount of 43.8%  (down 1.9% from the fall of 2009).
  3. Build a consolidated (freshmen & transfer) applicant
    pool of 1,963 students total.
  4. Build a consolidated accepted applicant pool of 1,707
    students total:

              Freshmen Accepted total   = 1,707
              Transfer Accepted   total   =    401

Freshmen Tactics: 

  • Enhance through a formalization process the use of Recruit-
    ment Coordinators for each of the 61 major fields, e.g.
    Major Recruitment Coordinators (MRC’s) enhancement:

        Formalization Process: 
              =  assign formally at recognition luncheon
              =  introduce new MRC marketing plan
              =  target MRC message as a  "value

  • Create new parent messaging devices (parent e-mail directory, e-newsletter, parent phone directory, etc.)
    that target the “value message”.
  • Increase enrolled yield for the 12 local (or backyard)
    high schools by 4%
  • Expand direct marketing efforts to the SFC’s as
    identified in each respective state:

        Minnesota = Minneapolis, 553 – 555; St. Paul, 550-551
        Iowa          = Decorah, 521 & Dubuque, 520 Illinois
                          = Rockford, 610-611; Palatine, 600-602; 
                             Chicago, 606
*Build recruitment plan for each of the five new traditional undergraduate majors introduced in February 2009:

                Clinical Lab Science
                Organizational Communication
                Sport Management
                Sport Science
                Visual Communication
Enhance the campus tour by emphasizing two messages: (1) stating the five core values and by (2) stating a single uniform closing remark on the “picture theme.”

Transfer Tactics

  • Engage a graduate intern to manually enhance the transfer communication track:

                Response to on-line inquiries on daily basis
                Pre-award on weekly basis
                Supply Estimator on weekly basis

  • Build new articulation agreements with two-year campuses for Viterbo’s two new Communication Majors.
  • Create transfer guides for student use for the key transfer
    schools:  Western, Rochester, UW-L, and Winona
  • Team with existing Major Recruitment Coordinators (MRC) requesting that each MRC meet with prospects to after the credit evaluation to determine degree completion steps.
  • Identify and build a team of MRC's on the two-year campuses (similiar to the Viterbo MRC program), e.g. Mr. Behan, Marketing, Western Campus.
  • Increase dramatically fall travel to: UW-Marshfield, Wood, Marathon, Fox Valley, Richland, Baraboo, as well as Tech System: Western, Southeast, Southwest, Chippewa Valley, Waukesha, & MATC.
  • Use area Veteran Voc Rehab Specialist in Eau Claire to inform La Crosse area veterans about the option of transfer enrollment at Viterbo.
  • Contract with CollegeFish to build prospect pool and submit the "affordability" mesage by direct electronic contract.
  • Use FACEBOOK to promote visits to the two-year campuses
  • Access the Vertical Response e-mail contract in
    Communications & Marketing to use conduct electronic
    direct marketing to transfer students.

Summary Tactic – Both Freshmen & Transfer

  • Integrate the 2010 enrollment plan (as outlined in this goal statement) into a dashboard spreadsheet that presents
    enrollment goals through the fall of 2013, the final year of the Strategic Plan.

(Reviewed February 2009)


1.  Increase Enrollment: Grow the Applicant Pool
2.  Enhance the Prospect Database
3.  Revise Pre-Awarding
4.  Improve Use of Technology


Initiatives & Goals – Office of Admission


  • Increase new student enrollment for the fall of 2009 by 8.8% 
  • Create a new internal operating system for the distribution and servicing of applicants and prospects based on the intended major of the applicant or prospect, as opposed to an alpha distribution based on the
    student’s last name.
  • Build a new system to register transfer students on a rolling or on-demand basis, as opposed to the current system that uses specific days as registration days.  
  • Expand transfer articulation agreements to two-campuses other than Western Technical College


    1. Enroll 365 first-time, full-time freshmen students on the
        fall census date
    2. Enroll 190 first-time, full-time transfer students on the
        fall census date 
    3. Enlist the resources of the Academic Vice President to
        create by October 1, a cohort of “Academic  Assistants”
        (based on major field of expertise) to assist each
        admission staff member in the enrollment of applicants 
        / prospects based on major field of interest.
    4. Create a working task force to create a system for the 
        implementation by May 1, of a rolling registration
        process for transfer students 
    5. Implement new articulation agreements as recommended
        by the existing articulation committee by December 1.