Institutional / Administrative Mission and Goals
President's Cabinet

Vice President for Student Development


Student Development Goals

  1. To establish a timeline for and work toward the opening a new residential village. 
  2. To improve response to various student constituencies by meeting with representatives from each of these student groups:  (a) commuting students, (b) international students (c) non-traditional students, (d) resident students, and (e) veterans.  
  3. To advance personal counseling services with these enhancements:  U Lifeline, behavioral intervention team and evening phone services.  
  4. To enhance school spirit with halftime shows and corporate nights at basketball games. 
  5. To establish a student development website.  
  6. To establish routine practices to train newly-hired student development professionals and the newly-elected Student Government Association president and vice president. 
  7. To improve use of City Watch hosted notification. 
  8. To evaluate and upgrade athletic scholarship program with appropriate recruiting goals, procedures for monthly benchmark reports, etc.




  1. To embrace and champion student needs, interests and concerns consistent with the University’s mission and goals.
  2. Inspire Viterbo students to a sense of campus pride, spirit and active involvement and civic responsibility through dynamic, strategically planned activities and leadership programs.
  3. To widen sound, efficient and convenient delivery of information, programs and resources.
  4. To ensure students a smooth transition into the University community that provides them with the most effective tools for success.
  5. To assist student development professionals in increasing resources for the purpose of offering high-quality programs, services and facilities.
  6. To build, renovate and maintain facilities using high standards of cleanliness, functionality and service for the purpose of encouraging learning and interaction, and creating positive first and lasting impressions.
  7. To expand research, assessment and planning in student development operations to gain better understanding of students and to improve service.