Iowa #176 Reading Specialist Endorsement
Program Requirements

Requirements for the Iowa Reading Specialist 176 Endorsement include:

1. Must hold a master's degree or be enrolled in the Viterbo University Master of Arts in Education Program.  Area of research must be in reading.
2. Iowa Reading Teacher Endorsement (or completed course work)
3. A minimum of two years classroom teaching experience
4. The following courses in this order:

EDUC 590
(formerly 801

Supervision and Staff Development
This course examines the effective strategies of supervision and staff development that relate to reading programs in schools
3 Graduate Credits
EDUC 639   Directing and Supervising Reading Programs
This course will provide a knowledge base in current research of literacy instruction and assessment in K-12. Students are encouraged to create personal conceptualizations of the interrelatedness of language arts, inclusion of the language arts in content areas and strategies for guiding classroom teachers in developing and implementing literacy curricula. The course will provide information on intervention programs for at –risk learners. Information on program and professional development and evaluation is included. (Prerequisite: EDUC 801)
3 Graduate Credits
EDUC 596
(formerly 780

Field Work K-12 Reading Programs
Students will intern in a K-12 reading program working with a Certified Reading Specialist. Students will gain experience in a broad range of activities required of a reading specialist to include staff development, supervision, and communications. (Prerequisite: EDUC 639)
3 Graduate Credits
EDUC 597
(formerly 785)
Seminar in Reading Research (conditional)
Seminar will review current research in reading. Students will develop skills in research methodologies, techniques, data interpretation and evaluation of research as well as its classroom applications. (required if Master’s research was in an area other than reading)

 If EDUC 597 is needed add three credits.

12 Graduate Credits
5. Upon completion of the program the student is required to fill out a Special Recognition Award application. Please fill out the form and send it to the Iowa Office. This form is needed for transcripts to reflect a new endorsement.


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