Instructional Design and Online Teaching

Online Teaching Evaluations

Standards and Forms

(updated Fall 2017)

Instructors who teach online or blended courses may be evaluated by the Committee on Online Learning (COOL). The goal of the evaluation is to provide formative feedback and supportive mentorship to instructors on their course design, course syllabus, and teaching strategies.  The following outlines the evaluation process, standards, and forms needed for the evaluation.

Committee on Online Learning Members:

Jennifer Sadowski (chair)
Jeannette Armstrong
Emily Dykman
Jeff Nyseth
Megan Smith
Mary Ellen Stolder
Stephanie Thorson-Olesen

Process for Online Course Evaluations

Evaluation process for instructors:
  1. Online instructors will be notified before their course begins that they have been identified for evaluation by members of the Committee on Online Learning.  Instructors will be directed the website with all of the evaluations forms. Online instructors will be asked to complete and submit the self-evaluation form within the first 3 weeks of the course and include an electronic copy of their course syllabus.

  2. Online courses will be visited during Weeks 3-5 of each course. Instructors will be notified of the exact dates of their virtual visit and the visits will not last longer than 1 week total.

  3. The online course evaluations will be done by two members of the committee, and a summary of the virtual evaluation will be completed.  If there are major deficiencies in the minimum expectations, the department chair and dean will be notified immediately.

  4. The Committee on Online Learning will provide copies of their written summary evaluation to the online instructor and to the respective department chair, assistant dean, and dean.

  5. After receiving the evaluation summary from the committee members, the instructor is asked to complete a short self-reflection form within 4 weeks addressing any deficiencies in their evaluation and including ideas for improvement in the future. Additional comments or clarification for the committee are also welcomed. The instructor is asked to discuss this response form with their department chair or program director.

  6. The online course evaluation, self-evaluation, course syllabus and the instructor response will all be placed in the instructor’s file in the Dean's office.

  7. Members of the Committee on Online Learning will be available to help provide support and mentoring for any online instructor that requests assistance.

Timeline/rotation for instructors

Instructors who are new to teaching online, or experienced instructors who have not been evaluated in the past 5 years, will be selected for evaluation.  All instructors will be evaluated on a 5 year rotation, or earlier if a need is identified (see evaluation process flow chart below).

  PDF iconOnline Course Evaluation Process (flowchart)


PDF iconOnline Course Evaluation Form (completed by reviewers)

FileOnline Course Self Evaluation Form (editable Word document)

FileInstructor Response Form (editable Word document)